P.I.Tschaikowski- Die Jahreszeiten

Tchaikovsky’s evergreen collection of miniatures in a new and captivating arrangement for harp released by Brilliant Classics.

Recorded and mixed by Philip Krause, Emil Berliner Studios

In 1875 Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) was commissioned to write a series of piano pieces for the St. Petersburg musical magazine Nuvellist, each piece to be published in the monthly issue. Although Tchaikovsky frequently composed on commission (he sometimes described it casually as “tossing musical pancakes") he took it seriously and he even warmed to the task during composing. His 12 compositions are called “The Seasons” and describe each individual month of the year, either by mood or by a particular occasion or activity (January: By the Hearth, February: Carnival, July: Song of the Reaper etc). the music is affectionate, intimate and often hauntingly beautiful: a series of 12 musical gems!

As an encore, Sissi Makropoulou plays her own arrangement of the second movement from Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony. The gentle mood of this Andantino ‘in the style of a song’ transfers itself sympathetically to the harp in her hands, and is informed by her experience of playing the composer’s music under one of its most inspirational modern conductors, Teodor Currentzis.

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1. Macaroni And Tears 04:05

2. Sunday 02:43

3. Clouds 03:41

4. Elevator 04:52

5. Little White Boat 04:44

6. Judy Garland 04:18

7. Your Laptop 06:41

8. Batman 03:36

9. Seirinas 07:21

10. Sousourada 04:59


Sissi Rada sind: Sissi Makropoulou und Max Trieder


Featuring:Camerata Athens Quartet, Sergiu Nastaza (solo Geige), Niklas Lutterbach (soundscape), Florian Bitzer, Sebastian Meyer and Constanze Trieder (Bläzer), Tom Krause (Drums)

Mixing/Produktion: Maximilian Trieder @ dasDur Berlin

Drums aufgenommen @ Emil-Berliner-Studios Berlin

Streicher aufgenommen @ the new fab liquid studio Athens

Mastering: Henning Birkenhake @ Eastside Mastering Berlin


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