Local Suicide “Agapi” feat. Sissi Rada

Release: May 13, 2022 / Iptamenos discos


Local Suicide announce their long awaited debut album ‘Eros Anikate’ which will be released May 13th, 2022 via their own label Iptamenos Discos. The title translates to ‘love invincible’ and draws influence from a play written by Sophocles titled ‘Antigone’.

The album holds true to the duo’s ‘technodisco’ sound that the couple has become so well known for and showcases their signature style of blending a retro feeling with a modern twist. In usual Local Suicide fashion, the duo’s debut album showcases tongue in cheek modern-day circumstances, mystical adventures, and moody baselines; all tied up with the promises of happy endings. You can instantly hear that this album comes from the duo’s hearts. Inspired by the travels and experiences they encountered throughout the pandemic, it’s also a love letter to the friends they met during their career – some of which are also featured on the album: Lee Stevens, Curses, The Hidden Cameras, Sissi Rada, Skelesys, Theus Mago, Hard Ton, Kalipo & Greek new wave legend Lena Platonos.

Sissi Rada “Nanodiamond”

Release: November 19, 2021/ KRYPTOX records


Sissi Rada is a wonderfully ambiguous personality. One of the best harpists for contemporary classical music in Europe and at same time producer of beautiful abstract electronica songs.

Her album “Nanodiamond” comes out with guest vocals by Lena Platonos. Co-production by Brian Eno on 81948 (2000 OM69) and Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars on Maps and Blueblack Tomb. A futuristic musical work that combines the sweet melancholy of the classical harp with subtle electronic soundscapes and Sissi Rada’s magic voice. You could imagine it in a Stanley Kubrick movie.

All tracks composed and produced by Sissi Rada except:
Track 2 produced by Max Trieder
Tracks 5,6 composed and produced by Max Trieder
Track 10 composed and produced by Brian Eno
Tracks 4,11 produced and mixed by Andi Toma
Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,12,13 mixed by Max Trieder

Guest musicians:
Nektarios Stamatelos on ancient flutes (tracks 4,5)
Raplh Heidl on sax (tracks 4,8)
Guido de Flaviis on sax (track 9)
Georg Wendt on cembalo (track 12)

Cover Photo by M.Koropoulis/C.Caravatellis

Sissi Rada “Pragma”

Release: November 25, 2016/ Inner Ear


It took two years to compose and produce “Pragma”, which is the answer to her self released split EP “Personae”, released in 2013. The recordings took place in Berlin and Athens with her permanent collaborator and producer, Max Trieder. The album features guest appearances from artists who have contributed in many ways to the identity of SIssi Rada: Camerata Athens Quartet, Sergiu Nastaza (solo violin), Niklas Lutterbach (soundscape) and Florian Bitzer, Sebastian Meyer and Constanze Trieder (wind instruments).

This thematic album is an attempt to highlight the sensitivity of the things that surround us. It deals with the universal word “pragma” and its various uses and delves into the psychic bond of modern man with symbols, symbolism and referentiality. Bilingual lyrics underline the multi-culture of the times and the common words our unisexual root. Music-wise, it is hard to describe the sound of Sissi Rada for the reason that pop, electronic and classical elements blend in a unique way to create an equally unique genre.

Sissi Makropoulou: composition, lyrics, harp, voice
Maximiliam Trieder: composition, guitar, bass, keys, production
Tom Krause: drums

Guest Musicians:

  • Athens Camerata’s Quartet, Constanze Trieder – flute (track 1)
  • Florian Bitzer – trombone, Sebastian Meyer – trumpet (track 2)
  • Athens Laurentiu Quartet , Sergiu Nastasa – 1st violin, Otilia Atilei – 2nd violin, Laurentius Matarasu – viola, Christopher Humphrey – cello (track 4)
  • Niklas Lutterbach – soundscape (track 6)
  • Sergiu Nastasa – violin, Constanze Trieder – blockflute and a real musician wren (track 10)

Produced and Mixed by Maximilian Trieder @ dasher, Berlin
Drums recorded @ Emil-Berliner-Studios, Berlin
Strings recorded @ the New Fab Liquid studio, Athens
Mastered by Henning Birkenhake @ Eastside Mastering, Berlin

Artwork by Michalis Paraskakis

Sissi Rada “Personæ”

Release: September 2, 2013/ self-released

Format: Split VINYL/ DIGITAL, limited edition

All tracks composed by Sissi Makropoulou and Max Trieder

Musicians: Philip Krause (drums), Max Trieder (guitar, bass), Sissi Makropoulou (harp, voice)

Guest musician: Daníel Friðrik Böðvarsson (solo guitar)

Produced and mixed by Max Trieder

Cover by Michalis Paraskakis